People, people, millions of people…..

Originally posted on 21st March 2015 on Blogger

Well, Anime Japan. Pure madness. I read that last year 160,000 people went. This year, maybe more. Lots of cosplay, lots of stuff, all in Japanese. Both the kids struggled with the crowds. It was very loud, very busy, very Japan. (Although, Japan is usually quiet, except for the ubiquitous J-pop everywhere, and the jingly music for every event – train arrivals, elevator doors closing, etc.) we lasted a couple of hours…. And had a bit of a drama when Finn went to the toilet, and didn’t return for 25 minutes. No one to ask, no one spoke English. By the time he emerged, Mya was in tears, and I was quite worried. We have now sorted an instant messaging, for such occasions. The actual venue of the convention, Tokyo Big Sight, was quite amazing…. And HUGE!!

I spoke to Cath and Robbie today on Skype, and it was lovely to see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice 🙂

We spent the afternoon in our apartment, relaxing. We were all pretty worn out after a week of non-stop action! We head off to Osaka tomorrow. I will miss Tokyo, and am glad we have a few days here before we leave.

The picture of the enormous building, the last one is our local shopping centre, Takashimaya. We were laughing tonight at how different from it is from the IGA and Dev’s. Hahaha.

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