Blossomkitty is a blog about travel, food, kids, friends, language, pop culture and all things Japanese. I am an Australian, with a passion for Japan and it’s people, culture and quirky beauty. I have traveled to Japan twice, I learn the language and I have two kids who are anime and manga-obsessed. I am a single mum and love that Japan is a wonderful place to travel with kids and the culture and etiquette mean that we are always comfortable and always relaxed. Recently, my interest in Japanese history has become a bit of an obsession, and luckily my kids are happy to come along for the ride.

My day job is teaching cooking to primary school children and my favourite cuisine to cook is Japanese. I work in a school that also teaches Japanese and we are able to organise some cultural days and cooking events.

My kids and I go to pop culture conventions, to cosplay events and to many restaurants. We watch crunchyroll and anime lab and have a growing collection of Japanese movies. I still need the subtitles, but I’m working on it. I have also included my previous travel blogs.I hope you enjoy them.

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