Kylie Eklund AKA Blossomkitty

I really love to learn about all things Japanese. I am an avid history fan, and particularly enjoy learning about samurai and how Japan developed into a place unlike any other. I find the language fascinating and enjoy every a-ha moment of learning Japanese.


Blossomkitty is a blog about travel, food, kids, friends, language, pop culture and all things Japanese. I am an Australian, with a passion for Japan and it’s people, culture and quirky beauty. I love to travel to Japan and every trip is amazing. I find something new to marvel at every day. My partner (Super Sake Boy) and I met through Japanese language school and have four teenagers between us. They all love to travel to Japan and love anime, manga, Japanese food and culture. We are both qualified sake sommeliers and make the most of building on our knowledge while travelling. Sake is a shared passion and a wonderful aspect of Japanese culture. I have learned much about the history and culture of Japan through the people I have met in the sake world.

My day job is teaching cooking to primary school children and my favourite cuisine to cook is Japanese. I work in a school that also teaches Japanese and we are able to organise some cultural days and cooking events.

My family and I enjoy going to many Japanese cultural events and also to many Japanese restaurants. We watch Japanese tv and have a large collection of Japanese movies. I still need the subtitles, but I’m working on it. I have also included my previous travel blogs. I hope you enjoy them.