Sengoku Samurai Heaven… Osaka

The first time I came to Japan, I stayed in Osaka for three or four days. I was not a huge fan. I found the trains much more difficult to navigate than those in Tokyo and just the general, overall vibe of the place a little less charming than many other places I have been … Continue reading Sengoku Samurai Heaven… Osaka

A Very Potter Christmas

Originally posted on 26th December 2015 on Blogger Where to begin...... What an amazing day we had for Christmas. Out of bed early and a bus and three trains to arrive at Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka, by 9:30am. We were totally overwhelmed when we arrived. USJ is huge, about 10 times the size of … Continue reading A Very Potter Christmas

Something Fishy…….

Originally published on Blogger 23rd March 2015 Well, the day started with us sleeping in, surprisingly, given our proximity to the train tracks. Made no difference, in the end. We walked down to Den Den Town, or Nipponbashi, Osaka's version of "electric town". Our walk took us through the local suburb. Osaka is very different … Continue reading Something Fishy…….

From Tokyo to Osaka

Originally published on 22nd March 2015 on Blogger Well, moving 2 kids on many trains with shitloads of baggage proved to be not very fun at all..... Go figure. The Shinkansen (bullet train) itself was only three hours, but from door to door was nearly seven. With very heavy bags, and way to many steps … Continue reading From Tokyo to Osaka