A Message of Peace and Reality

Monday morning we were up early and out the door to Hiroshima, for a day trip. There is a sense of responsibility of ensuring that the message that the people of Hiroshima want to be shared, be experienced by as many people as possible. Our third visit to the “City of Water” was as confronting, … Continue reading A Message of Peace and Reality

A Whirlwind Tour of Hiroshima

When we planned our trip, we tried to limit the period of time we would need JR Passes. We knew we wouldn’t be day tripping from Kyoto too much and that after that we would only need it for a few days, so we decided on our last day in Kyoto, to do a day … Continue reading A Whirlwind Tour of Hiroshima

Blossoms, Cranes and Compassion

Originally published on 30th March 2015 on Blogger Well, I knew when I set out that today was going to be difficult. Hiroshima..... A city forever carved into every humans knowledge, our collective memory, of what we are capable of doing to each other. We woke up (after enjoying our very comfy, real, separate beds) … Continue reading Blossoms, Cranes and Compassion