Tokyo Parental Drop…

On Thursday morning we had decided to go back into Tokyo with Mum and Ted and make sure they got to the right place at the right time. They were flying out early Friday morning and had decided staying at a hotel near the airport would be easier than staying in Tokyo overnight. We also … Continue reading Tokyo Parental Drop…

Ebisu Yokocho

You can really get a feel for what this experience was like by watching a very short video here. Many areas of Tokyo have awesome "yokocho". Yokocho means alley and these alleyways are busy and bustling and full of amazing little bars and restaurants. They are loud and vibrant and narrow and a writhing mass … Continue reading Ebisu Yokocho

Tokyo Never Disappoints

We arrived at Narita Airport around 8:30am, yesterday morning, everyone slightly disheveled and sleep deficient. Mum hates flying and the kids are not great plane sleepers.... I had more sleep than I regularly do, and we hit the ground running. JR passes efficiently processed by the lovely Hashimoto-san in the JR East office at Narita … Continue reading Tokyo Never Disappoints

Looking for the Master

As a follower of Japanese culture, if you have never seen Midnight Diner on Netflix, you need to stop reading this blog for a moment and queue it up. It is one of Nihonshu Girl’s and my favourite television shows - ever. It is set in a diner in the backstreets of Shinjuku which opens … Continue reading Looking for the Master

Have a Book Night

Book and Bed Tokyo is a very well Instagrammed place. I have been admiring this concept of a hostel in a book shop for quite some time. So, last night, as we only had one night in Tokyo, and because Super Sake Boy had vigilantly checked second party booking sites, we stayed. Winding our way … Continue reading Have a Book Night

Five Crazy Days in Tokyo….. Part 4

Kaminarimon, the Thunder Gate at Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa in Tokyo.

Our last full day in Tokyo we started by dropping Ewan in Akihabara. He was on a mission to find a figurine, and the rest of us were not keen for the noise and crazyness of Akiba. We continued on to Asakusa. Senso-Ji temple is amazing, and I wanted to show Harper. We started at … Continue reading Five Crazy Days in Tokyo….. Part 4

Five Crazy Days in Tokyo…… part 3

The only thing driving me out the door on our third day in Tokyo was coffee. We found a very cool little cafe, but sadly their coffee machine was broken. The owner, was however, making drip filter coffee, which is very popular in Japan. It takes an extrodinary amount of time to make, and is … Continue reading Five Crazy Days in Tokyo…… part 3

Five Crazy Days in Tokyo with Four Kids… part 2

Our second day in Tokyo was crazy busy and fun. We started out the day catching the train to Harajuku station. I love Harajuku. It is right next to Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine, the station is old and quaint, and the shopping is bonkers. Our first port of call was Takeshita Dori. This … Continue reading Five Crazy Days in Tokyo with Four Kids… part 2

Tokyo with Kids

Tokyo is an awesome place to travel with small people in tow. Not only is it super safe and super clean, it is incredibly entertaining, in so many ways. My kids are not so small. In fact one of them towers over me and the other is catching up very quickly. My kids are into … Continue reading Tokyo with Kids