Tokyo Chic Konbini, Melbourne

Manekineko cat neon light at Hibiki Future

Hibiki, in Camberwell, is a little slice of Tokyo cool in the suburbs of Melbourne. It is one of our favourite go-to places when we want to eat something really scrumptious. Their breakfast is particularly delicious. However, any time of day is a good time to eat at Hibiki. The menu and atmosphere change at … Continue reading Tokyo Chic Konbini, Melbourne

Ukiyo, a mystical story experience.

Kuebiko, the Crumbling Prince, who looks like a scarecrow standing in a Japanese stone Zen garden, behind a stream with moss covered banks. There are tree stumps, Japanese lanterns, a cherry blossom tree in full bloom and shoji screens. There are mountains in the distance. There is a basket in the garden.

Last night Super Sake Boy and I had the most mystical experience in a Japanese garden, in another realm. It was an exciting and interactive experience which felt like we had been transported into a real-life RPG (role play game) or a Studio Ghibli movie. Imagine playing a video game, where you have missions, on … Continue reading Ukiyo, a mystical story experience.

Yokoso – Welcome to Japan in Melbourne?

The official bright yellow banner for the Yosoko Festival in Melbourne. Saying experience Japanese food and culture in the heart of the City of Yarra.

Yokoso, ようこそ, means "welcome" in Japanese. The Sunday before last, the 17th January, we enjoyed being welcomed to "Japan in Melbourne". The City of Yarra, through a grant scheme, had enabled a group of Japanese restaurants, musicians, dancers and market stall holders, (and Dylan, from Chotto Motto's mum) to create an excellent opportunity for Melbournians … Continue reading Yokoso – Welcome to Japan in Melbourne?

The Enduring Exploits of Super Sake Boy and Nihonshu Girl

A pergola and side garden with Japanese ferns, maple trees and hanging baskets. There are hops trailing to the pergola and hanging baskets on the pergola. This is a Japanese inspired garden in Ferny Creek, Melbourne.

It has been nearly a year since COVID put a big, fat STOP sign on nearly all international travel. Being obsessed Japanophiles, Super Sake Boy and I have tried to take the travel ban graciously, while feeding our need for Japanese food, sake, culture and connection with the language. We were last in Japan in … Continue reading The Enduring Exploits of Super Sake Boy and Nihonshu Girl

RAKU- A sublime dining experience.

When I looked up "best Japanese restaurant" in Canberra, Raku was the obvious front runner, with many people extolling its virtues. I always look up the best local Japanese when we travel, as we love eating Japanese food and I am always interested to see how other places do it differently. We are lucky in … Continue reading RAKU- A sublime dining experience.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus… or The Quiet Ryokan

Super Sake Boy on one knee proposing marriage to Blossomkitty while both wearing yukata on a decking around a traditional Japanese pebble garden with a maple tree featured at Shizuka Ryokan in Hepburn Springs

Twenty five days ago I wrote a blog about our impending trip to Japan. It feels like a year ago. Needless to say our plans have been completely disbanded and even if we wanted to leave the country, we could not. I am somewhat relieved we were not stuck in a difficult situation of being … Continue reading Love in the Time of Coronavirus… or The Quiet Ryokan

Chotto Motto, a little more…..

Walking through the door at Chotto Motto is like stepping through a time tunnel. An incredible space that looks like it is straight out of Tokyo in the Showa Era, maybe circa 1975? There is Ultra-man, Godzilla and retro pop-culture everywhere you look. So many Peko-chan and Anpanman, a haven for lovers of Japanese collectables. … Continue reading Chotto Motto, a little more…..

Tamura Sake Bar- A Haven in Fitzroy

Earlier this year, a wonderful little bar opened near the top end of Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. Dark and mysterious, but cleverly illuminated with a welcoming glow from inside, Tamura Sake Bar has all the wonderful things a sake bar in Japan has, namely great sake, great food and wonderfully generous hospitality, here in Melbourne. … Continue reading Tamura Sake Bar- A Haven in Fitzroy

Japan Fan in New York

Large Japanese lantern

Last week I was lucky enough to spend four days in New York on the way home from visiting relatives in Canada. What a crazy city. I am used to busy, I travel to Tokyo a bit, but this was different. Manhattan is so condensed and the buildings are so tall, it was a little … Continue reading Japan Fan in New York

Hibiki…..Echoes of Tokyo in Camberwell

Very cool looking concrete bar, with white and oak furniture, a white, retro coffee machine, grinder, indoor plants and beautiful pots, in a Japanese cafe in Melbourne

When I looked up Hibiki in my Japanese translator the translation was sound, but more accurately echo or reverberation. I am not sure if that is what the owners of Hibiki in Melbourne were alluding to, but as soon as I read it, it resonated. Sitting in this little cafe in Toorak Rd in Camberwell, … Continue reading Hibiki…..Echoes of Tokyo in Camberwell