Kyoto Station

A Lego replica of Kyoto Station, within Kyoto Station, in a glass case.

Originally published on 30th March 2015 on Blogger

Well, almost all day yesterday was spent at Kyoto station. Not realising how busy it would be, we arrived and couldn’t get on a train for eight and a bit hours…. Shit! We stalked around the coin lockers, as they were all full, until we finally managed to stalk people who were emptying their stuff, and squeeze our bags into three lockers. Well, that took an hour…. What next??

What else do you do, but drink coffee and spend literally hours looking around an amazing Japanese toy store (they are always amazing). It was kind of nice not feeling we had to rush.

Eventually headed back into the station building to have dinner. And a beer…. And promptly left our shopping under the table. Thought I left it in the toilet. Went to Lost and Found. They spoke no English. I tried to translate with my phone. Then Mya said…..”What about the restaurant?” So we went back, yes,  they had it….must be time for an iced matcha latte……

(Edit….The photos are of a to-scale Lego model of Kyoto station. It was awesome.)


Finally, time to board the train. Quick trip to Osaka. Change trains….. All sitting separately, so Mya was crying about her friends, about not sitting with me, everyone was tired and grumpy…..

I knew we had missed the last bus, so we jumped straight in a cab at Hiroshima station. Foolishly, I was reading Trip Advisor on the train, and our hotel had received some not so great feedback. I told Finn, so when we got here, he and I were confused. The place is really nice.

Now….. Off to see some sad stuff….

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