Kyoto, my long lost love…

Originally published on 20th December 2015 on Blogger

We arrived at Kyoto station just after 1pm and we were so happy to see Maki, Sim and Chelsea, who had come to meet us. It was so awesome to see them again. Lancy was at tennis practice. We went and organised all our tickets for Kochi and then came back to the guesthouse, and arrived just as Lancy got home, too. Lancy and Chelsea have both been doing English with a tutor. I was so surprised how much English Chelsea can speak now. Really amazing. I felt really self conscious with speaking Japanese, I was falling over my words and getting mixed up, but Maki and the girls are very patient. I’m sure I will be more comfortable as we settle in.

An afternoon of card games and Wii for Mya, and she was straight back to where she left off with the girls. It’s so funny…. They just laugh and play. Really sweet.

Maki and Sim took us to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. A real feast…. I had my favourite, for the first time since we came back. Oyakodon. Yum! Dinner was delicious and the girls laughed their way through it.

Back to the guesthouse for more cards, I joined in this time, and then it was bed time (a school night here). Mya went to read, Maki and I spoke to a guy from Leeds who lives in Hong Kong. Ho loves manga and anime so Finn ended up talking to him for about an hour. Completely stuffed, now. Time to sleep. Night, night x

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