Not quite what we planned

Originally published on 22nd December 2015 on Blogger

Today we had planned to go and get a few things, then head out sight seeing. It was not to be. We took the bus to Kyoto station area and had a coffee….. Then went into Yodabashi Camera, to pick up those few things, and emerged 4 and a half hours later.

This shop has the most amazing toy department, and specialises in hobby/model trains. It is heaven for me. I love the train section, the car section (Takara Tomy-Japanese Hotwheels equivalent) and the Nanoblocks. They also have manga and anime figurines, dolls, Lego, Sylvanian Families, loads of Hello Kitty etc. etc. It is an easy place to lose time.

After removing ourselves from the toy department, we went to the top floor and found a tempura restaurant. In Japan, many restaurants are bar style, where you sit around an open kitchen and people serve you from the other side of the bar. The food was fantastic, but Mya over ordered so I ended up eating double pumpkin, double onion, double eggplant. She did not however share her precious renkon (lotus root). This is our favourite!

On the same level was the books, so we agonised over which manga/Murakami we should buy and then down stairs to stock up on thermals. New Japanese technology, very light weight, very comfy and very warm.

A quiet afternoon of reading, oh, ok, maybe a quick nap, for me, playing for Mya and I’m not sure what Finn was doing. Sim cooked a big dinner of Singapore style chicken with ginger and chilli sauce and yummy condiments. It was so yummy, I was nearly bursting, after eating half of Mya’s lunch. Some cards and Mario Kart (I watched, I’m terrible at Mario Kart), and then bed. Exhausted, everyday. Loving every single minute.

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