Japanese Pet Store Surprises

A poster advertising Ayurvedic treatments for dogs in a pet store in Kyoto in Japan

Last time we were in Kyoto, our friend Maki-san took us to a pet store. I’m not sure what I expected, but it was definitely not what we encountered. I was blown away, amazed with the cuteness, slightly disconcerted by the types of pets for sale and amused by some of the services available….

The first thing that I noticed was the variety of accessories, fashion, toys and food available. Having been in Japan several times before, I am well aware of how many very cute little dogs wear clothes and are pushed in strollers. But this was next level. Like department store next level….. birthday cakes, cheese cakes and steak meals, all with calories listed….. aisles and aisles of choices.

On one side of the store was the grooming service. Ayurvedic treatments for your four legged friend… skin treatments, fur treatments, a beauty parlour for pups….

The other side of the store housed the puppies and kittens. Not just any puppies and kittens, all pedigree breeds, many I had never heard of. Several breeds that were smaller than I was aware dogs could be? Some cat breeds that were very exotic. And EXPENSIVE 😳 equivalent of around $3000- $4000 Australian Dollars. But super cute and there was much oooing and aaaahhhhing from all the kids. (And maybe me, too). Super Saké Boy was very taken with a little puppy we were interacting with. He was a Belgian Griffon and he was hilarious. He looked like Samuel L. Jackson, and Super Saké Boy decided his name was Inglewood Jack… so funny.

Then, we went upstairs and the mind-blowing began. Owls, a baby goat, chipmunks, chinchillas, ferrets and a falcon. I didn’t know chinchillas were a type of animal, I had definitely never seen one. The aquarium area was equally as surprising. There were all kinds of animals for sale, even a little monkey. I’m not sure if you are required to have a special license to own any of these creatures, but I was so amazed you could just walk in and buy such a thing 😳 Japan has so many interesting experiences to open your eyes and your mind…..

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    1. Hey 😊 the shop is called Higo Pet Friendly and the address is Kyoto Yawatashi Yawata Ichinotsubo 23-1….. good luck. I hope you find it. It’s super interesting 😊🐶

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