Uniquely Japanese- Kuchisabishii 口寂しい

This unique Japanese word may be more relevant at the moment, as we are all spending a lot of time at home and some of us are struggling with lack of social contact and boredom. I was tagged in a kuchisabishii meme by a lovely friend of mine, who is in an apartment in Manhattan, a fellow ex-chef, who understands the intense desire to experience food, flavour and oral satisfaction. Hi Rach 🥰

Kuchisabishii literally means 口 kuchi- mouth and 寂しい sabishii- lonely, “lonely mouth”, but translates to “longing to have or put something in one’s mouth”. I prefer the more creative “eating when you are not hungry because your mouth is lonely”. I can relate to this at the moment, and am spending way too much time eating, thinking and fantasising about cheese. It may also have been the one thing, apart from sake, that I felt compelled to hoard, in case of low supply problems… Luckily, I am also managing around 8-10kms walking a day, which has a two-fold effect of improving my mental health and keeping the cheesy waist expansion at bay. Are you eating more in lockdown?

2 thoughts on “Uniquely Japanese- Kuchisabishii 口寂しい

  1. Yes, we are all eating more in lockdown! Sim is not only cooking delicious dinner every night, keep buying chocolates, crackers and chips, foods lying write in front of you when you are watching TV. He is trying to get 3 ladies fat?!

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