Uniquely Japanese- Komorebi 木漏れ日

I started this blog a long time ago. I have been waiting for the perfect photo for it. Finally, the other morning, I got my photo. When you read the meaning of the word, you will understand why this has taken some time to achieve.

“The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees”. It also means melancholic longing or nostalgia for a person, place or thing that is far away from you. This is the meaning I found on Google. You can also gain some understanding from the kanji. Tree, escape and sun. I always love seeing the light streaming through the trees in the forest as it brings my awareness to the “empty” space, and fills it with sunshine. It is so beautiful and I find it makes me feel revitalised and peaceful.

Currently I am definitely feeling a very melancholic longing for my home away from home, Kyoto. It feels so far away, so unreachable. My beautiful friend Maki-san feels so distanced from me right now that one of us may as well be on the moon. The places and the people that we are all distanced from right now feels surreal and it is difficult not to dwell in nostalgia for a time before COVID-19. Stay safe everyone, and take care.

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