Feel like a chat?

Hey, everyone 😊 I thought I would change it up a bit while Melbourne continues to wallow in its seemingly eternally endless lockdown. I am so very sick of myself, my own voice, my thoughts and the four walls of my lovely, but claustrophobia inducing home.

I have decided to have a chat with some other people in other parts of the world, who are experiencing COVID and all its trials and tribulations from a different perspective and through a different lens. Not only does this allow me to experience a “change of scenery” vicariously, it allows me to share some really interesting voices with you, too.

I would like to tell the stories of various people, from a diversity of backgrounds in the coming weeks, or months. My first conversation, with the very affable Van Milton, will be shared in the next few days. Van lives in Kyoto and is a tour guide, saké lover, potter and nature lover.

Looking forward, I am hoping to be able to share the experiences, wisdom and enlightening ways people have pivoted. Exploring how they have discovered various ways to meet the needs of people in an unprecedented situation, calling for ingenuity, sometimes courage and often forcing themselves out of their own comfort zones.

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