Do many Japanese speak English?

Although I am probably under qualified to answer this question adequately, I'm going to give it a try. For many years, before I did very much travel, I was under the impression that English was quite widely spoken. Gee, I was very wrong... only between 8% and 9% of the population of the world speaks … Continue reading Do many Japanese speak English?

Japanese trains ❤️

the front of a Japan Rail Pass

Trains The first time I flew into Tokyo I was quite nervous about the Tokyo train system.... It is very extensive. Greater Tokyo, in fact, has the most extensive urban rail network in the world. According to Wikipedia, it has 158 different lines, 48 operators, 4,715km of track and 2,210 stations.... Slightly overwhelming. I needn't … Continue reading Japanese trains ❤️

Why Japan Stole My Heart

I first visited Japan in March last year, 2015. I had always been fascinated with the culture, the food and the anime. When I asked my kids where in the world they would most like to go, Japan came up in everyone's top three. So, having always wanted to visit, we began planning our trip. … Continue reading Why Japan Stole My Heart