From Tokyo to Osaka

Originally published on 22nd March 2015 on Blogger

Well, moving 2 kids on many trains with shitloads of baggage proved to be not very fun at all….. Go figure. The Shinkansen (bullet train) itself was only three hours, but from door to door was nearly seven. With very heavy bags, and way to many steps to contend with…..and five different trains. Arghhhh….. I’m glad we are here, but I definitely bummed out on the booking of this place. Right next to the train line and very loud. Oh, well. I grew up next to a train line, might be comforting for me??

After struggling to get here, we headed into Osaka to eat. We gorged ourselves at a lovely little bar, on European food (and a bit of wine)…. Situated in Daimaru, it was very nice. The basement level of every shopping mall here is like a food hall, like David Jones, fresh food, snack food, pre-cooked dinners etc. we will go back tomorrow for lunch, because the food here looked amazing. Finn and I did sample a couple of tempura prawns. Yum…

I have also added some photos of my ekiben. Eki means station and bento means lunchbox, and these boxes are available at all Shinkansen stations (as well as many convenience stores and other restaurants). It was just over $10 and quite beautiful. Sadly some of the contents were meat, so I didn’t eat them, and I’m not a big fan of shiitake, but, I have developed a love of lotus root. It is crisp and yummy and fresh.

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