Tokyo Book and Bed

Have you ever wished you could stow away in a bookshop over night? I have always been a bookworm. Intrinsically able to navigate my way to and from the train station without taking my eyes away from the words. I could read for hours at a time, in the bath, under the blanket with a … Continue reading Tokyo Book and Bed

Tokyo Olympics and Lockdown Fatigue

Tokyo 2020 logo surrounded by the pictograms of the sports included in the Olympics. Blue and white logo and Olympic Rings with blue and white sports pictograms in a scattered pattern around the logo.

As of 8pm last night Melbourne entered its 6th lockdown. We only emerged from number 5 eight days prior. My lockdown fatigue is oppressive. It is being made infinitely more difficult by a number of factors. Foremost, the Tokyo Olympics. We started seeing the preparations for the Olympics in Japan from 2018. The very cute … Continue reading Tokyo Olympics and Lockdown Fatigue

Tokyo Parental Drop…

On Thursday morning we had decided to go back into Tokyo with Mum and Ted and make sure they got to the right place at the right time. They were flying out early Friday morning and had decided staying at a hotel near the airport would be easier than staying in Tokyo overnight. We also … Continue reading Tokyo Parental Drop…

Ebisu Yokocho

You can really get a feel for what this experience was like by watching a very short video here. Many areas of Tokyo have awesome "yokocho". Yokocho means alley and these alleyways are busy and bustling and full of amazing little bars and restaurants. They are loud and vibrant and narrow and a writhing mass … Continue reading Ebisu Yokocho

Japanese School Lunch

Yesterday morning I was up early, eager and nervous, to start my adventure to my school's (where I work) sister school in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. Chiba is next to Tokyo and not difficult to get to. Our sister school, Nambu Elementary School, is a primary school and I met the grade 6 teacher, Saeka-san, when … Continue reading Japanese School Lunch

Tokyo Never Disappoints

We arrived at Narita Airport around 8:30am, yesterday morning, everyone slightly disheveled and sleep deficient. Mum hates flying and the kids are not great plane sleepers.... I had more sleep than I regularly do, and we hit the ground running. JR passes efficiently processed by the lovely Hashimoto-san in the JR East office at Narita … Continue reading Tokyo Never Disappoints

Top 15 Things to See in Tokyo and Kyoto Part ONE

I am always torn when people ask me for my advice on what is unmissable in both Tokyo and Kyoto. It is a really hard question to answer. There are so many amazing things to see in both places. However, as I am currently planning a trip with my mum and step-dad (their first time), … Continue reading Top 15 Things to See in Tokyo and Kyoto Part ONE

Looking for the Master

As a follower of Japanese culture, if you have never seen Midnight Diner on Netflix, you need to stop reading this blog for a moment and queue it up. It is one of Nihonshu Girl’s and my favourite television shows - ever. It is set in a diner in the backstreets of Shinjuku which opens … Continue reading Looking for the Master

Have a Book Night

Book and Bed Tokyo is a very well Instagrammed place. I have been admiring this concept of a hostel in a book shop for quite some time. So, last night, as we only had one night in Tokyo, and because Super Sake Boy had vigilantly checked second party booking sites, we stayed. Winding our way … Continue reading Have a Book Night

楽しみですよ。(Tanoshimidesuyo) or I am looking forward to it……

Super Sake Boy and Nihonshu Girl walking under a red tori gate in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

In three weeks, and about 5 days, Super Sake Boy and I are heading back to Japan. This trip is going to be a little different. We are going without children, and only for a week. Our intention is to make it a week of memorable sake and food, lots of historical stuff and quite … Continue reading 楽しみですよ。(Tanoshimidesuyo) or I am looking forward to it……