Japanese Surfcoast

Originally published on Blogger on 3rd April 2015

I didn’t blog last night, Mya was unwell…. She seems a bit better this morning. She was asleep by 8:15pm…. So it was not to be, to return to Bowls for dinner.

We woke yesterday to a sun shiny day. It was very crisp, but very pretty. We walked down the road until we got to the beach, and then walked along the beach road. Both the kids said they felt like we were back in Australia. The beach here is similar, but the sand is very dark. We saw surfers, and wind surfers and many people sitting on the beach, in the sun. I spotted a very funky looking little place, surf shop downstairs, bar and cafe upstairs. Seedless is a brand of surf wear and an izakaya (pub). We sat in the sun, big open window, overlooking the beach.I felt like I was in holidays for the first time…. Relaxed, not rushing to see anything, it was great. Mya and I agreed that Michael would love it here. They were even playing Jack Johnson… Haha.

We walked up the road a bit, found a dead fish with no eyes, that the kids refused to allow me to photograph, and found our way to the Big Buddha.

He was huge!!! Cast in bronze and sitting in the same spot for 750 years. We went inside him to look at the way he is constructed. Very interesting….. The temple is a Zen temple, beautiful stone gardens with cherry blossom. Very Japanese. Mya started to feel unwell, so we headed home.

I dropped the kids home, locked them in, jumped on a bus, went and topped up my internet data at Family Mart… Grabbed some stuff for dinner, jumped on another bus, and was home in 25 minutes. The public transport here is fantastic. ALL the transport, in every city!!! Easy to navigate, helpful staff…really excellent.

Gotta go. Going back to Tokyo today. Staying in Harajuku/Omotesando this time. Woo hoo.

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