Back in our Comfort Zone

Originally published on 3 April 2015 on Blogger

So, we left Kamakura this morning… All the bags onto a local bus. Lucky the bus stop was only 50 metres from the apartment. The kids are getting very efficient at moving from one place to the next. We all happily fell into Starbucks for a very large latte. Well, I did, anyway.

Mya and I parked Finn, with Starbucks Wifi and ran around collecting some stamps in our stamp rally books. The local Ghibli shop had some very cute ones.

Onto a train….. To Shinagawa….. A place I really like, because it was THE first kanji I learned. Then onto a Yamanote line train. Mya and I literally cheered, as this was our line when we stayed in Shinjuku. The trains are silver, with green lines, and are my favourite local line trains.

Back to Harajuku. We all felt like we had come home…. Bizarre. After travelling around for a couple of weeks, it was very pleasant to be in familiar surrounds. Having said that, we promptly got lost trying to find our apartment. The photo on Air BnB looked bright blue….. It was just the lighting. The very modern concrete building was deceptive. Anyways, we finally got here and headed off for some lunch and a bit of shopping. Mya found a great teddy bear, but we are not sure it will fit in the suitcase??? Finn tired of the shopping very quickly, so we came home, dropped him off, and headed out again. Mya and I spent another hour in Kiddy Land. That is a super toy shop. Really amazing. We then wandered around Omotesando for a bit. It’s kind of like Toorak, only much busier. Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren and lots of designer shops….. MoMA etc. Heaps of designer doggy clothes shops…(no, I have not purchased Loki the very cute Lee Rider doggy overalls, yet). It was quite fun.

We then headed up to “bills”, a lovely little organic fusion cafe…. Yum. Mya had gnudi (kinda like gnocchi) and I had beetroot and potato fritters with pickles, dill, sour cream and smoked salmon. Very delicious. Oh, and elderberry soda. Yummy…..

Home in bed now, after second nit treatment. Exhausted, relaxed and happy. Oh, and I did find a bargain end of winter sale coat…. So scrummy and warm….

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