A Short Taxi Tale

Japanese taxi drivers are polite, sweet and very patient (except in traffic). On our way home from Fushimi, I think we had the most patient and sweet taxi driver in all of Kyoto. Lubricated by quite an amount of sake, I jumped in the front seat, to give directions, while Super Sake Boy, Mum and Ted were in the back. I started a lengthy, grammatically questionable conversation, the contents of which are a little foggy. I do remember Super Sake Boy, Mum and Ted laughing in the back, with SSB trying to translate what I was saying. I also remember the taxi driver complementing my Japanese and having a good laugh with me. I am never too afraid to try to use what I have learned, even when its awkward. These are some if my favourite moments when I am in Japan 🇯🇵

3 thoughts on “A Short Taxi Tale

  1. Thanks for the share (: I’ve found japanese taxi drivers generally nice excerpt for one guy in the country who didn’t have the best attitude. Last trip I said a pun to a taxi driver and he laughed, though maybe he was just being kind.

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