A Kyoto Local Day

Wednesday we decided to have a quiet and local day. Mum and Ted were leaving the next day and wanted to see a few things around Kyoto Station and just hang out. So we all, except Finn, jumped on a bus to go explore the station. Finn would join us later for lunch.

I have written about the station before and, honestly, it is such an incredible building. The scale, in itself, is mind blowing and the design is modern and a feat of engineering. (Well, I imagine, as I have no idea about engineering). Opened in 1997, to commemorate Kyoto’s 1200th birthday, it is 70 metres high and 470 metres from East to West. It was designed by Hiroshi Hara. I love it. It’s super futuristic and being there means I am back in Kyoto. It also has a skywalk, which runs around the top of the station and gives an incredible view of both inside and outside the station. Mum and Ted were suitably impressed, especially as there are escalators everywhere. There is also a giant LEGO to scale model of the station near the top. It used to be in the entrance, but has been moved.

We then met Finn at Yodabashi Camera, a favourite shop of all of us. It sells everything and then some. It is worth just walking around it to look at all the technology and gadgets they have. I may have also had to buy some train and shinkansen paraphernalia. I wanted to buy a toilet seat, but logistics suggest that maybe getting one home would be a struggle.

Upstairs to eat at an interesting little Italian/omurice restaurant, and then down to the basement to look at the supermarket. While down there we decided the pre-made meals looked so good, we loaded up for dinner and came home for a rest/nap/time-out and then enjoyed a night in, having a drink with Maki, with Mum saying she wanted to take Maki home with her and Ted planning their return trip. Kyoto has had and will keep my heart for a while longer. I really love this city. I’m glad that Mum and Ted fell in love with it, too.

3 thoughts on “A Kyoto Local Day

  1. You could cart home a very impressive sake fridge.
    I think if you look around, you might be able to get the toilet seat at home. Here in Canada, they sell them at the Chinese mall–along with those air-conditioning units.

    1. We actually have a Toto showroom not too far from our house. They’re just three times the price 😩 we have made do with a wine fridge for our sake. Just have it not quite so cold… it has cedar shelves and almost looks the real deal 😂

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