Kanji, how does it make sense?

A page of kanji practice

When I first started learning Japanese, I was very intimidated by the concept of learning so many Kanji. A basic knowledge is about 2000 characters, but there are loads more!!! I am reading a book about learning Japanese, which is written by a man whose father was a newspaper editor. He believes his father's repertoire … Continue reading Kanji, how does it make sense?

日本語ーok? On learning Japanese

A Japanese classroom with pictures on the walls and a white board

My first time in Japan, I totally fell in love. With the country, with the culture, with the food, with the people. The language barrier was not a major issue, we never went hungry or got lost, however I felt that I was unable to understand many subtle, and many not so subtle, aspects of … Continue reading 日本語ーok? On learning Japanese