Uniquely Japanese- Omou 思う

The kanji character for omou meaning to do in Japanese

Omou means, literally, to think, the verb. This is not uniquely Japanese, although maybe thinking is different in different languages and different cultures? It is however the root of many other Japanese words and several of them are unique to the Japanese language. I decided to write about omou first, so as to completely understand … Continue reading Uniquely Japanese- Omou 思う

Climbing Mt. Fuji… Metaphorically

snow covered mount fuji with suburban image in foreground

If I had have seen the info graphic on how long different languages take to master before embarking on my language journey, would I have chosen the language which takes longer than any other, by far? Maybe... I like a challenge. I could have become fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian in the time … Continue reading Climbing Mt. Fuji… Metaphorically

日本語ーok? On learning Japanese

A Japanese classroom with pictures on the walls and a white board

My first time in Japan, I totally fell in love. With the country, with the culture, with the food, with the people. The language barrier was not a major issue, we never went hungry or got lost, however I felt that I was unable to understand many subtle, and many not so subtle, aspects of … Continue reading 日本語ーok? On learning Japanese