Eating in Japan-Konbini

Lawson konbini store front with school children with umbrellas out the front. The Lawson is in Umamachi in Kyoto.

When we can travel again, which hopefully will be in the not too distant future, I look forward to eating. Eating is one of my favourite aspects of travelling. Eating in Japan is something for which I yearn desperately. I miss Japan and its delicious food, viscerally. We have many really amazing Japanese restaurants in … Continue reading Eating in Japan-Konbini

Just Hanging Out in Kyoto

Yesterday we went with Maki and the girls, first to the most interesting pet store I have ever been to. This I will save for a seperate blog, as it was completely mindblowing. Then to a local udon restaurant for lunch. Apparently the udon were very good, Shikoku style, a little firmer and chewier than … Continue reading Just Hanging Out in Kyoto