Sushi, sushi, oishi, oishi

Originally posted 15 March 2015 on Blogger

Up early and out the door to navigate Tokyo’s train labyrinth, which turned out to be a lot less confusing than anticipated. Two trains to Asakusa, old Tokyo, to meet with Yoshimi, our cooking Sensei. Mya and I spent the morning learning a great deal about Japanese cuisine, etiquette and hashi manners (chopsticks). We cooked up a storm…. Three types of mosaic sushi. Flowers, square sushi and traditional roll. We also made miso soup with potato and wakame; tofu with tomato, spring onion and Japanese ginger bud; and spinach with gomae dressing. The food was delicious and Yoshimi was amazing. Beautiful and funny, we really enjoyed our time with her.

Back home to grab Finn, then back on the train to Harajuku. We walked down Takeshita Dori, a very famous shopping street. Many kids dressed up in gothic Lolita, or Harajuku fashions. It was awesome. Lots of shops with anime, manga and kawaii. We all got some pretty cool souvenirs.

Next stop was Kiddy Land. This toy shop is amazing. Six floors of amazing. One floor was all Snoopy, one all Hello Kitty, one floor with Blythe dolls and one with anime characters… Wow.

Really very tired now… In bed trying to stay awake to post some photos.


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