First Day In Tokyo

Originally posted on Blogger 14 March 2015

Our first day in Tokyo. After an afternoon nap we headed out into Shinjuku. Shinjuku station is the busiest station in THE WORLD!! It’s crazy, people everywhere. We stopped at 7/11, very entertaining, and grabbed a snack, very yummy. Then wandered down to Tokyu Hands, a large department store, with heaps of kawaii (cute) stuff, and some very interesting and weird stuff, too. Mya got a lovely little JiJi, her favourite character from KiKi’s Delivery Service (a little black cat). I’m now sleeping with her, the cat and a large Totoro. We haven’t even been to the Ghibli museum yet….

We took quite a long walk, stopping at a game arcade and Animate, a very large anime shop. Five floors of all sorts of stuff, and Finn found one of the things he was looking for. A Miku CD. Miku is a vocaloid, a virtual reality pop star, who does perform live?? (As an animated hologram).

Then to dinner at ABC Canteen. We were in heaven. The food was super oishi oishi (delicious) and we all tried some new things. The place was very funky and the waiters were beautiful. Super cute and very friendly.

We are all loving Tokyo. It is a very busy, but easy city. The people are friendly, helpful and patient. The young girls giggle and wave to Mya. I think we are going to enjoy our holiday.

I’m going to fall into bed. Sushi class in the morning, and I’m exhausted.

Oyasume, nasai x

ABC Canteen website is Japanese only. Link can be found here.

Animate online shop is here.

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