Pop Culture Overload

Originally published on Blogger on 16 March 2015

Wow. Akihabara. A complete pop culture and sensory overload. Mecca for Japanese anime, manga, video gaming, and the like. A whole day of loud, extreme, full on…My head is still spinning. We emerged from one shop and I said to Finn it must be almost dinner time…It was 3.30pm. Can’t believe we made it to 10pm. We found cosplay, we found English manga, (my favourite, K-On) we ate at the Gundam Cafe. We saw maids and sooooooo many retro collectibles. Wish I had an extra suitcase to bring it all home. You can watch a short video of Akihabara here, here and here.

We had dinner at a lovely tempura restaurant, really friendly staff. Watching Finn trying to leave was very funny. He wasn’t sure when to stop bowing….. Domo, arigato gozaimas……

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