Some Culture…Finally

Originally published on Blogger 17 March 2016

My choice this morning, so seeking some culture, we were off to Harajuku to see the Meiji Shrine. Not only was it beautiful, we were very lucky to see a Shinto wedding. The traditional architecture was really stunning and we did the hand washing, bowing and clapping, as this is the way to show respect to the Emperor Meiji whom this Shinto shrine is dedicated to.

Not to overdo the culture too much (don’t want it to wear thin with the kids) we then back to Takeshita Dori for Harajuku crepes. I had teriyaki chicken and Mayo…… Oishi!!!! The kids opted for strawberries, cream and chocolate (Mya) and chocolate and almond (Finn). Then to Omotesando to the vintage shops and funky spaces. Vintage kimono were too hard to leave on the hangers. Hopefully someone will teach me how to tie an obi before I come home.

Home for a rest and then Ikebukuro, to the Evangelion shop for Finny. A giant Ken Watanabe poster made me smile…. Then back on the train to Ginza. Ginza is very upmarket, with all the designer shops and UNIQLO’s flagship shop. We did some shopping, and had some sushi. It was very yummy.

The train home was a bit scary. One station actually had pushers, pushing people into the very crowded train. Complete madness, as usual!!

Tokyo is crazy. You can get on trains and travel for half an hour each way and still be right in the middle of the city!

You can see more about Meiji Shrine here.

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