Shogun history and an Early Night

Originally published on 4 April 2015 on Blogger

We set off, not so early, to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. A fantastic museum, with models of all sizes and areas set up to look like Edo (Tokyo) before it was the capital. And then looking at the history of Tokyo, including the great Kanto earthquake and the bomb raids during WWII… I really enjoyed this place. We had tried to come a few weeks ago, but it was closed for renovation. I’m glad we had an itinerary change. It gave us the time to come back here. Sorry for the blur in the images. No flash photography allowed!

Mya and I continued on our stamp mission, gathering quite a few station stamps today. They are very cool. And, very popular, it would seem.

After the museum we headed back to Akihabara. The place is totally crazy, and after a few hours you become anime-ed and manga-ed out. Our heads were spinning, so we headed home, with a bit of booty from our day, and had a quiet hour of down time, YouTube, Nintendo DS (a new game in Japanese) and some Facebook and blogging. We have a very early start tomorrow. We are off to Kyoto to see Maki and the girls. Five and a half hours Shinkansen, there and back…. But we are very excited to see them. It will be our last Shinkansen ride. I’m pretty sad about that. But, I will be back! For sure!!

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