Crazy but fun…

Originally published on 18th December 2015 on Blogger

Today we set of to Shibuya, with a fairly loose plan for the day. Shibuya Crossing is amazing. Mya and I had seen it at night, but Finn missed out last time. It is the busiest (and most photographed) crossing in the world. We got coffee, found a soundtrack the kids wanted, then went to the cinema, where I managed to book tickets, on an automated machine, for Star Wars, tomorrow night.

We then managed to find, albeit slightly difficult, Junie Moon. The Blythe (read Kylie’s freaky, big eyed Japanese dolls) shop….. Very cute, but all sold out. Then to the omurisu restaurant. No English menus or staff that spoke English, so good practice to read what everything was. Walking back to the station we passed a fruit shop. The photo shows a golden melon. Very rare. The price of ¥21600 is about $250.00 for a melon!!! Must be pretty yummy??

Then to Ueno. A very large station, very busy, in an older part of Tokyo. Main objective-the giant toy shop that Yoshimi told us about. I was happy, they had lots of train stuff. A few hours looking at this place, then on to Ikebukuro. The Evangelion store for Finn, then a pretty traditional tempura and soba place for dinner. Again, no English, and even managed to adjust the menu. So delicious. I could eat renkon (lotus root) everyday. The old lady at the counter became very friendly when I thanked her and said the food had been very nice, in Japanese.

The convenience stores here really have everything. The photos are of the stationery and the personal products and socks and underwear you can buy in the kombini.

I’m getting more confident, especially asking about where things are, or if they have some manga in English, and stuff like that. Think we might take in some history tomorrow, oh, and Star Wars.

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