Teddy Bento Bonanza

Originally published on 17th December 2015 on Blogger

Mya and I set out early this morning, despite being very tired. Quick sushi breakfast and onto the train, headed to Asakusa, old Tokyo. Very beautiful, with rickshaws and temples and the Sumida river, overlooked by the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asahi headquarters.

We were returning to meet Yoshimi, our cooking teacher we meet last time we were here. This lesson we made Teddy Bento, at Mya’s request. It was so much fun. It was lovely to see Yoshimi again. To tell her about the rest of our trip last time, and to talk about all kinds of things. She told us today about the tsunami in 2011 (Fukushima), she lives right on the coast, and her kids were at nursery school. The nursery was just the other side of the river from her house, but there was traffic jams and flooding water, and she couldn’t get to her children. The wave was only small by the time it got to Kamakura, but Yoshimi said it was terrifying. I can imagine it would be very scary.

So, the food we made was outstanding. Teddy Bento included inarizushi, teriyaki scallops, cucumber and wakame vinegar salad, carrot flowers, omelette love hearts, nori cheese rolls and ham flowers (Mya’s only). Miso soup with tofu and cabbage, deep fried tofu with miso sauce and green tea ice cream, for dessert. So delicious!

We came home after our class and had a nap, grabbed Finn and went to Nakano Broadway. This is a shopping centre very close to Shinjuku with many pop culture shops, CDs, games, and…….antiques. Amazing retro Japanese toys from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Very cool. In fact some of the toys were as old as 1880’s. Really, really old Kewpie dolls, and freaky looking porcelain ones, too.

On our way home we met a robot. Sadly I didn’t understand much of what he was saying, despite him asking me “please” many times. He was looking at us and moving to follow our movements, artificial intelligence. He even looked sad when we left. I will go back tomorrow and apologise to him, and take a photo!

Good night, Tokyo xx

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