Return to Japan and Return to Blogging

After a bit of a break from blogging, and a bit of a break from travel (I have been very distracted…. thanks, Super Sake Boy ☺️😛) I am happy to report, I am returning to both. Yay.

Firstly, my return to blogging. I am very excited to sink my teeth back into writing my blog. I have missed it and I am feeling very motivated. My impending trip is one motivating factor, and my new baby, my little laptop (thanks also to Super Sake Boy 😘) is another. It is a wonderful little device and I look forward to writing many blogs on it!!!

Secondly, my return to Japan. HOORAY!!!! We are off on another adventure in March. Returning to Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara and hopefully, Hiroshima, but also visiting some new, unexplored places. It will be our first joint adventure, and I am soooooo very happy and looking forward to having a sake drinking partner-in-crime, and another grown up to direct some of the trip away from pop culture and towards history and “culture” culture.

So, stay tuned for up coming adventures, and some thinking (writing) out loud planning…. and any other interesting tidbits of Japanesey stuff that comes up.

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