Serious Sakura

So, a little more than two years later and I am back in Japan. This time with a partner in crime, Super Sake Boy (what could possibly go wrong)…. and four teenagers in tow, Ewan, Abby, Mya and Harper.

We arrrived on Wednesday, a little dishevelled and tired, having had a 4 and 1/2 hour lay over in Singapore. I definitely felt the energetic shift when we got here. My first words to Super Sake Boy were “ただいま” I am home….. and what a time to arrive. It is the very peak of cherry blossom here and it is indescribably beautiful.

The first time I came with my kids was cherry blosoom, but neither were particularly interested so I didn’t see a lot. Three years later, Mya is loving it, and Abby is so obsessed, I think she will turn into a sakura!! Harper and Ewan are also very impressed, although Harper is super impressed by EVERYTHING…. this is his first time in Japan. The kids are very much enjoying catching up with our Kyoto firends, Senki and Lancy and it is wonderful to see Maki and Sim again.

Our first day was pretty well getting here, showering, and going straight into Kyoto to Yodabashi Camera, retail Heaven. Our girls and the Kyoto girls went off on a wild adventure 😉 and the boys stayed with us, looking around in a half asleep daze…… then Maki and Sim took us all out for dinner. We all fell into bed, exhausted, despite the excitement, we slept well.

Yesterday we started at Ginkaku-Ji, the silver temple, walked down the Path of Philosophy to Nanzen-Ji and then walked the Keage Incline (an unused barge railway type thing) that is completely overhung with cherry blossom. It was stunning. Then the kids came back for showers, we walked most of the rest of the way home, diverting briefly into a little sake bar for a cheeky sake and it was awesome!! As was the beautiful little bar we stumbled into…. then home, grabbed the kids and out for okonimayaki for dinner.

It was an epic first day in Kyoto. The kids are having a ball. I am pinching myself to be here, in my favourite place in the world, with Super Sake Boy, my favourite person in the world…

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