Five Crazy Days in Tokyo with Four Kids… part 2

Our second day in Tokyo was crazy busy and fun. We started out the day catching the train to Harajuku station. I love Harajuku. It is right next to Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine, the station is old and quaint, and the shopping is bonkers. Our first port of call was Takeshita Dori. This shopping strip is very famous and we have been here many times before. Harper seemed a little blown away by the busyness of it, but we were on a mission for omiyage (souvenirs) and Harajuku crepes. Marion Crepes has been in Takeshita Dori for 42 years, and in my opinion, their crepes are the best. The kids were super happy to be eating crepes in Harajuku. Many insta photos were taken….

From Takeshita Street we walked down to Kiddyland. This toy store is over 70 years old, and is five stories of toy heaven. Super Sake Boy and I let the kids enjoy the experience, while we went over the road to enjoy a Coedo beer, from a camper food truck, in a cute laneway. After a short time out we gathered the kids and started walking towards Shibuya. Cat Street has many cool shops and we just slowly meandered until we hit Tower Records.

Tower Records is big. Like, really big. And the vinyl is cheap compared to Australian prices. Everyone was pretty happy to look at music for a bit. Especially the girls, with their new found love for K-Pop. Super Sake Boy was resistent, but I coerced him into purchasing a triple album of Kamasi Washington, who we had seen weeks before in Melbourne, and I wanted to experience in analogue…. it was a very good decision.

We wound our way through the shopping labyrinth that is Shibuya, did some girly clothes shopping in 109, (can’t remember what the boys did) checked out Loft and then headed for the scramble. On our way to the Shibuya Crossing we happened upon Genki Sushi. Genki Sushi is an institution for my kids and I. It was very early for dinner, but we decided to get the eating done so we could continue exploring. Needless to say, four kids in a three tiered conveyor belt restaurant, was fun and an easy and cheap dinner. Plus, the beer is cheap and the iPad is in English, so everyone could order their own.

We headed back after nearly 25,000 steps for the day. Worn out and two of our party were definitely ready for a quiet sake night-cap in the privacy of our little apartment. 😜

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