Setting Intentions in Kochi

New Year’s Eve morning, 2015. Seven years ago. I am sitting in the Emperor Award winning garden of my friend Maki’s grandfather. I have travelled to Takimoto, Kochi, Shikoku, Japan with my friend Maki, her two kids and my two kids. It is my third New Year alone, after losing my late husband, Michael. It is our second trip to Japan.

The sun is shining and the sky is impossibly blue. It’s winter, though, so it’s crisp and fresh. The impending promise of possibility that a new year brings is intoxicating. I am strolling through the manicured imperfect perfection that can only be found in Japan. I decide, on a whim, to sit and look inwards a moment.

Reflecting on the rollercoaster journey my kids and I have been on, I surmise we are travelling really well, all things considered. I think about all my friends and family in my life and am filled with a deep feeling of gratitude.

There is only one thing missing in my life. A partner in crime, a significant other, a yang to my yin. I hesitate on this thought for some time. Am I destined to travel the rest of my path alone? No, I don’t think so.

Who would this significant other be? Where would I meet him? Would he understand children? And Moodles?

I carefully dream up a kind, intelligent and gentle man. Bestowing him with an interest in Japan, kind eyes, and an abundance of integrity. Because I am “blue sky dreaming” I imagine him to be well read, sensitive and, strangely, to have an accent. I am careful to be not too specific, but also not too ambiguous. Be careful what you wish for…it may not result in what you had in mind.

Stu ❤️ (Super Sake Boy)

As a result of my careful intention and (I like to think) my being patient and grateful, a little over a year later, Stu walks into my life, well, my Japanese classroom, . He is better than I had ever dreamed. He possesses qualities I didn’t know were so wonderful. This year we married in March, and I am forever thankful that I sat in Kochi, under the blue sky and conjured him into my life.

What dreams or intentions will you set this year?

Our wedding photos were taken by Love Drunk Photography and Joanne Curtis Photography.

Our wedding venue was at Melbourne Zoo Events.

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    1. It was one of my favourite new years ever, Maki-san. I felt so lucky to go to your mum’s place in Kochi and spend a proper Japanese new year. I am so grateful for all the experiences we have shared ❤️

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