Japanese Jizo

Ancient stone Jizo statues at the Kanmangafuchi Abyss, Nikko, Japan. The statues are wearing red crocheted bonnets and red bib aprons. They are covered in moss and are seated on pedestals.

Jizo are ubiquitous in Japan. They are lovely little statues, usually made of stone, and many have knitted bonnets and shawls of red wool. In Japan it is believed that when a baby is miscarried or dies early it has not had an opportunity to build the good karma required to enter the afterlife. In … Continue reading Japanese Jizo

Autumn beauty, Tokugawas, Jizo and The Abyss….. Nikko

Friday morning we woke early, again, and decided to take a walk before breakfast to the local falls. Kegon Falls was literally a 10 minutes walk from the ryokan, which was good. It was pretty chilly in the morning. The falls height is around 97 metres, but the ferocity of the water falling made it … Continue reading Autumn beauty, Tokugawas, Jizo and The Abyss….. Nikko