Super Sake Matsuri

A couple of weekends ago, Super Sake Boy and I spent the day pouring sake for sake enthusiasts at the second Melbourne Sake Matsuri. A festival organised by Revel, in a very funky space in Collingwood, Sake Matsuri offers people the opportunity to try over 90 different sakes in one place, with the added benefit … Continue reading Super Sake Matsuri

Sake Matsuri…..Seriously Super Sake Fun

Front cover of booklet from Sake Matsuri in Melbourne

So, Super Sake Boy was put in charge of writing this blog, but he has been dragging his feet and this event was too awesome not to write about. So, I, Nihonshu Girl, aka Blossomkitty, will attempt to do this event justice. My memory is somewhat faded and perhaps slightly hampered by the fifty-ish sakes … Continue reading Sake Matsuri…..Seriously Super Sake Fun