Edo Wonderland, at last.

Thursday morning we woke up really early. We lounged around a bit, waiting for our designated breakfast time. Breakfast was kaiseki set menu, and very traditional Japanese. Rice, miso, grilled mackerel, pickles, tomagoyaki (omelette) and hojicha tea. I like Japanese breakfast, and this was very yummy. The yuzu juice accompaniment was particularly delicious. We then … Continue reading Edo Wonderland, at last.

Historical Heaven

On Monday we woke up super early again, pensioner hour.... and got ready quite quickly. We were out the door and on our way into the city before 8am. This was a bizarre experience, as the last time we were in Kyoto we had four children to wrangle out the door, and it would never … Continue reading Historical Heaven

Searching for Sengoku Samurai

Japanese history is amazing, long and not really taught at all in Australian schools. The more I read, the more I am pulled into the fascinating world of feudal Japan. Samurai and ninja, castles, battles and shoguns. It's such a rich tale of violence and beauty. I studied history all the way through school and … Continue reading Searching for Sengoku Samurai