Trek for Anime

Originally posted on 20th March 2015

Today we trekked to Hakone, a city in the mountains, where Finn’s favourite anime is set, Evangelion. Hakone is the site of Tokyo 3 in Evangelion Neon Genesis. We spotted characters from the anime on every conceivable thing and place possible.

We travelled on our first Shinkansen…. It was bloody awesome. 283kms an hour top speed. Because it was so fast, it was hard to get an idea of how fast we were going, until something was really close to the window…and then, whoosh, crazy fast.

It was a pretty cold day today, and very foggy, so sadly our “sightseeing” was a little limited. We travelled by bus to Lake Ashi,by boat across Lake Ashi and then by cable car to Owakudani, an active volcano, where we ate black eggs to prolong our lives. This is due to the eggs being boiled in an onsen, or a spring in the volcano. The water is very high in sulphur, causing the shells to turn black. The eggs are delicious and are considered to increase your life by seven years for every egg. I very graciously gave the kids two eggs each and ate only one myself. In hindsight, maybe we should have lashed out on another bag of eggs.

Afterwards, we were on to another cable car, then a funicular railway, another train and another train, then back onto a Shinkansen, and another train to get home….everyone sleeps on the trains here, so Finn fits right in.

Shattered. Going to need a holiday to recuperate from the holiday!

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