Anime Japan 2015

Originally posted on 21st March 2015 on Blogger Well, Anime Japan. So many people...pure and absolute madness. I read that last year 160,000 people went. This year, maybe more. Lots of cosplay, lots of stuff, all in Japanese. Both the kids struggled with the crowds. It was very loud, very busy, very Japan. (Although, Japan … Continue reading Anime Japan 2015

Trek for Anime

Originally posted on 20th March 2015 Today we trekked to Hakone, a city in the mountains, where Finn's favourite anime is set, Evangelion. Hakone is the site of Tokyo 3 in Evangelion Neon Genesis. We spotted characters from the anime on every conceivable thing and place possible. We travelled on our first Shinkansen.... It was … Continue reading Trek for Anime

Miyazaki Wizardry

Originally publish on 18 March 2015 on Blogger. Wow. The kids walked 15kms yesterday, and 9 today. That's mad.... But we were up and out the door this morning, off to the Ghibli Museum. Studio Ghibli, for those that don't know, is the company behind Hayao Miyazaki, one of Japan's most famous animators. He has … Continue reading Miyazaki Wizardry

Pop Culture Overload

Originally published on Blogger on 16 March 2015 Wow. Akihabara. A complete pop culture and sensory overload. Mecca for Japanese anime, manga, video gaming, and the like. A whole day of loud, extreme, full on...My head is still spinning. We emerged from one shop and I said to Finn it must be almost dinner time...It … Continue reading Pop Culture Overload