Back in Shinjuku

Originally published on 16th December 2015 on Blogger

Well, it is very nice to be back here, and after a little more than 24 hours, it feels like home. Such a strange feeling I get when I’m here, a familiarity.

Our flight was OK, a bit turbulent, at times. Finn slept all the way here, Mya a lot less and me even less still. We arrived very tired, but so happy to see some of our favourite things, that we miss when we are home. Kombini (convenience store) onigiri is definitely one of those things.

My first sight of a Yamanote line train almost bought tears to my eyes, much to the kids horror. But we all enjoyed a delicious dinner and a bit of shopping in Shinjuku.

As we are staying in the same apartment block we did last time, we had no dramas finding it. My travel SIM wouldn’t work, so that was a pain. But Japan’s free Wi-fi spots have become more abundant and easier to access.

This morning we went to Yodabashi Camera, a wonderful, large department store, specialising in electronics. Grabbed a SIM card and a new acquisition for the car cabinet. It was very gratifying to almost walk past it, and miss it totally, except I saw the name in Katakana and read it. No name in English… Japanese has come in handy several times. From chatting to the JR station masters about the weather, to being able to read what is inside the sushi, is so awesome, fun and very useful!!!

The rest of the day, today, we spent in Harajuku. Great shops, great toys, cool Star Wars gear everywhere. Cute girls in school uniforms, harajuku crepes (yum) and $7 Tanqueray and tonic, bonus!

Totally exhausted and falling into bed now. Cooking in the morning, with Yoshimi. Woo hoo.

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