Tokyo Parental Drop…

On Thursday morning we had decided to go back into Tokyo with Mum and Ted and make sure they got to the right place at the right time. They were flying out early Friday morning and had decided staying at a hotel near the airport would be easier than staying in Tokyo overnight. We also … Continue reading Tokyo Parental Drop…

A Short Taxi Tale

Japanese taxi drivers are polite, sweet and very patient (except in traffic). On our way home from Fushimi, I think we had the most patient and sweet taxi driver in all of Kyoto. Lubricated by quite an amount of sake, I jumped in the front seat, to give directions, while Super Sake Boy, Mum and … Continue reading A Short Taxi Tale

Revisiting a Couple of Old Favourites in Fushimi

Tuesday night we decided to take Mum and Ted to our favourite little brewery and also our favourite yakitori place in Fushimi, a district in Kyoto famous for it's sake. We jumped in a cab and set off for Fujioka, or Bar En. This brewery is so aesthetically amazing, I would visit even if the … Continue reading Revisiting a Couple of Old Favourites in Fushimi

WOW…. Ramen

Tuesday morning we had a bit of a lie in and Mum and Ted set off to do some more exploring alone. We took Mya, Abby and Ewan into Teramachi (read shopping heaven) and decided food was our first priority. After being distracted by many things, including a K-Pop shop, we began searching in earnest … Continue reading WOW…. Ramen

A Message of Peace and Reality

Monday morning we were up early and out the door to Hiroshima, for a day trip. There is a sense of responsibility of ensuring that the message that the people of Hiroshima want to be shared, be experienced by as many people as possible. Our third visit to the “City of Water” was as confronting, … Continue reading A Message of Peace and Reality

Takashimaya, Daimaru and Tokugawa Ieyasu

On Sunday, Mum and Ted decided they wanted to explore a bit and do some shopping. The boys decided to accompany them in to the Kyoto Station area. The girls were off on an adventure with Senki and Lancy, to Osaka, to the K-Pop town. We decided to head into Kawaramachi and get some lunch. … Continue reading Takashimaya, Daimaru and Tokugawa Ieyasu

Antiques and Okonomiyaki

Saturday morning we had breakfast and headed out to one of the temples local to the guesthouse. This was my third visit to Kiyomizudera, Clear Water Temple, and every time it has something different to offer. I am really enjoying seeing the difference in the scenery of the places I know, in a different season. … Continue reading Antiques and Okonomiyaki

SHU KURA… Japanese Sake Bar

After putting Mum and Teddie in a taxi home, Super Sake Boy and I retraced our steps to Shu Kura, a very beautiful sake bar that we had been recommended by the lovely boy from C&D Gin Bar on one of our previous trips. A small, simple and modern bar, this place has a seriously … Continue reading SHU KURA… Japanese Sake Bar

From the Eastern Capital to the Old Capital

On Friday morning we got up and had sort of planned a day in Asakusa, at Senso-Ji and then taking an afternoon shinkansen to Kyoto. We decided to drop our bags for storage in Shinagawa station, as our shinkansen was leaving from there at 3:30. Only problem was we had not for even a moment … Continue reading From the Eastern Capital to the Old Capital