Sayonara, again, Kyoto

snow covered mount fuji with a highway in foreground

Originally published on 7th January 2016 An early start, a big breakfast and then off to the station. Sim, Maki, Lancy, Chelsea, Finn, Mya and I all squeezed into the car, with all our luggage. I was really sad to be leaving. We had reconnected with Koori-Chan, who works with Maki and made friends with … Continue reading Sayonara, again, Kyoto

Tokyo turns on the charm…

Originally published on 20th December 2015 on Blogger Yesterday was an extremely fun packed day, full of many unexpected treasures. It was such a big day, I couldn't blog last night. I was shattered. The day started out very crisp and cold. Bloody freezing, actually. We headed to Tokyo station. We had been here before, … Continue reading Tokyo turns on the charm…

Crazy but fun…

Originally published on 18th December 2015 on Blogger Today we set of to Shibuya, with a fairly loose plan for the day. Shibuya Crossing is amazing. Mya and I had seen it at night, but Finn missed out last time. It is the busiest (and most photographed) crossing in the world. We got coffee, found … Continue reading Crazy but fun…

Teddy Bento Bonanza

Originally published on 17th December 2015 on Blogger Mya and I set out early this morning, despite being very tired. Quick sushi breakfast and onto the train, headed to Asakusa, old Tokyo. Very beautiful, with rickshaws and temples and the Sumida river, overlooked by the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asahi headquarters. We were returning … Continue reading Teddy Bento Bonanza

Back in Shinjuku

Originally published on 16th December 2015 on Blogger Well, it is very nice to be back here, and after a little more than 24 hours, it feels like home. Such a strange feeling I get when I'm here, a familiarity. Our flight was OK, a bit turbulent, at times. Finn slept all the way here, … Continue reading Back in Shinjuku

Sayonara Japan

Originally posted on 7th April 2015 on Blogger Wow. It's over. It feels like a whirlwind that swept us off our feet. We are sad leaving, looking forward to seeing everyone and little Loki, but could definitely have stayed longer. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this country. It is a pleasure to travel around. The … Continue reading Sayonara Japan

Shogun history and an Early Night

Originally published on 4 April 2015 on Blogger We set off, not so early, to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. A fantastic museum, with models of all sizes and areas set up to look like Edo (Tokyo) before it was the capital. And then looking at the history of Tokyo, including the great Kanto earthquake and the … Continue reading Shogun history and an Early Night

People, people, millions of people…..

Originally posted on 21st March 2015 on Blogger Well, Anime Japan. Pure madness. I read that last year 160,000 people went. This year, maybe more. Lots of cosplay, lots of stuff, all in Japanese. Both the kids struggled with the crowds. It was very loud, very busy, very Japan. (Although, Japan is usually quiet, except … Continue reading People, people, millions of people…..