Top 15 Things to see in Tokyo and Kyoto Part TWO

A little later than I had hoped, but better late than never. Part two of the very difficult to narrow down list of my favourite places to visit in Tokyo and Kyoto. Gion and Ponto-cho Gion is the most famous of the 花街 hanamachi, the geisha districts of Kyoto. (Although in Kyoto they are called geiko … Continue reading Top 15 Things to see in Tokyo and Kyoto Part TWO

Urban Exploration, Kyoto

So, after wasting a half a day in bed and elsewhere..... I bounced back and we squeezed so much into our day yesterday, my feet are still hurting. Around 25,000 steps of exploration and fun. We started our day at Starbucks in Gion. A tradition for both SSB (Super Sake Boy), the kids and me.... … Continue reading Urban Exploration, Kyoto

Pop Culture Overload

Originally published on Blogger on 16 March 2015 Wow. Akihabara. A complete pop culture and sensory overload. Mecca for Japanese anime, manga, video gaming, and the like. A whole day of loud, extreme, full on...My head is still spinning. We emerged from one shop and I said to Finn it must be almost dinner time...It … Continue reading Pop Culture Overload