Eating in Japan- Yokochō

Yokochō means "alleyway" in Japanese, and the busy alleyways of Tokyo, Osaka, and other large cities in Japan, are an opportunity to connect with the past. Bustling and crowded alleyways are packed with small izakaya, bars, ramen joints and other cheap and delicious eateries. Many of these establishments seat only 4-10 people. They are very … Continue reading Eating in Japan- Yokochō

Eating in Japan- Kaiseki

Kaiseki is an elegant, stylised and ritualised multi-course set meal served in ryokan and restaurants in Japan. The highly trained chefs present the food in such a way as to embellish but not detract from the natural beauty and freshness of the ingredients. There is always a seasonal element to the meal and the local … Continue reading Eating in Japan- Kaiseki

Adam Liaw, ambassador of Japanese Cuisine

Banner for Centenary of Japanese Language at Melbourne University

Last Friday night, the 31st of March, I went to Melbourne University to see Adam Liaw speak. Adam was the second winner of Masterchef Australia, in 2010. He was born in Malaysia, his mum is Singaporean-English and his dad is Hainese Chinese. Formerly a lawyer for Disney in Tokyo, Adam started learning Japanese in order … Continue reading Adam Liaw, ambassador of Japanese Cuisine

WabiSabi Deliciousness

beautiful small japanese maple leaf on daikon pickle

Last week I visited my very favourite Japanese restaurant outside of Japan. I felt the need to write about it here, so those of you living close by, or visiting, can go give it a try. Also, I just wanted to share the photos of the food. It is truly stunning, and always elicits a … Continue reading WabiSabi Deliciousness