Kyoto…. Like Coming Home

Yesterday morning we woke up really early, one because Book and Bed was quite warm and I was feeling a little overheated. Two, the two hour time difference means we have suddenly become early risers, and we haven't really clocked in, body clock wise..... we had possibly the best coffee I have ever had, then … Continue reading Kyoto…. Like Coming Home

“How long do I need in Kyoto?”

This is a question people ask me on an almost weekly basis. "I have four nights booked in Kyoto. Is this long enough?" I find this question really difficult to answer. For a number of reasons. Firstly, I have spent around a month, all together, in Kyoto. I am about to return for just 3 … Continue reading “How long do I need in Kyoto?”

Japanese Pet Store Surprises

A poster advertising Ayurvedic treatments for dogs in a pet store in Kyoto in Japan

Last time we were in Kyoto, our friend Maki-san took us to a pet store. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was definitely not what we encountered. I was blown away, amazed with the cuteness, slightly disconcerted by the types of pets for sale and amused by some of the services available.... The … Continue reading Japanese Pet Store Surprises

楽しみですよ。(Tanoshimidesuyo) or I am looking forward to it……

Super Sake Boy and Nihonshu Girl walking under a red tori gate in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

In three weeks, and about 5 days, Super Sake Boy and I are heading back to Japan. This trip is going to be a little different. We are going without children, and only for a week. Our intention is to make it a week of memorable sake and food, lots of historical stuff and quite … Continue reading 楽しみですよ。(Tanoshimidesuyo) or I am looking forward to it……

Sake, Shrines and Shopping…..

Despite what the children think, we have had opportunity to drink sake, but little time to explore it any further. Today we headed out early-ish to check out the Gekkeikan Sake Brewery Museum. Fushimi, in Kyoto is an area where sake has been brewed for hundreds of years, as the quality of the water is … Continue reading Sake, Shrines and Shopping…..

Just Hanging Out in Kyoto

Yesterday we went with Maki and the girls, first to the most interesting pet store I have ever been to. This I will save for a seperate blog, as it was completely mindblowing. Then to a local udon restaurant for lunch. Apparently the udon were very good, Shikoku style, a little firmer and chewier than … Continue reading Just Hanging Out in Kyoto

Messages from Lady Murasaki

Super Sake Boy proved his driving prowess yesterday, by driving us around Kyoto in Maki-san's car. Now driving in another country is usually not too intimidating, even on the other side of the road... however, in Kyoto and surrounds, the roads were created as a complete afterthought. Most of the buildings were built hundreds of … Continue reading Messages from Lady Murasaki

Urban Exploration, Kyoto

So, after wasting a half a day in bed and elsewhere..... I bounced back and we squeezed so much into our day yesterday, my feet are still hurting. Around 25,000 steps of exploration and fun. We started our day at Starbucks in Gion. A tradition for both SSB (Super Sake Boy), the kids and me.... … Continue reading Urban Exploration, Kyoto

薬 too much kusuri

Kusuri means medicine in Japanese. It's funny, because the two radicals (kanji roots) are grass and fun.... I guess it refers to all drugs. I have enough Japanese to be able to convey what I need in a chemist. But it is somewhat overwhelming when you are faced with rows and rows of products and … Continue reading 薬 too much kusuri

Clear Water Temple 清水寺 

Kiyomizu-dera temple is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto. Lancy had planned an afternoon with her friend, Shuko's father, who is a professional potter, and we decided to spend the morning temple strolling and around the old areas of Higashiayama, on our way to her house. It was a perfect day for such … Continue reading Clear Water Temple 清水寺